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Services and Capabilties

Pro Coat Powder Coating distinguishes itself in the industry through its comprehensive services, specializing in both sandblasting and powder coating. Our notable capabilities set us apart, featuring expansive sandblasting and spray booths equipped with large convection ovens. This infrastructure enables us to efficiently and effectively handle sizable and heavy parts, streamlining the process for enhanced convenience and productivity.

We currently operate a large sand blasting booth that is highly effective surface preparation. Propelling fine particles at high speeds onto a surface removes contaminants by creating a clean, textured surface. The powder coating booths and ovens at our facility play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and aesthetics for large items. These specialized booths provide a controlled environment for the powder coating process, ensuring uniform coverage and adhesion on substantial surfaces.

Furthermore, we possess expertise in 2-stage coating, and our proficiency allows us to offer competitive pricing for this specialized process. Whether you require intricate sandblasting, precise powder coating, or a combination of both in a 2-stage application, Pro Coat Powder Coating is committed to delivering quality services tailored to your specific needs.


Sand Blasting

  • 10'x25' Blast Booth

  • Glass Beads and Aluminum Oxide 


Powder Coating

  • 25' Spray Booths

  • 10'x25' Oven

  • 10'x20' Oven


2 Stage Process

  • Basecoat and Clearcoat

  • Primer and Topcoat

  • Texture and Topcoat

  • Metallic Base and Clear Topcoat

  • Gloss and Matte Finishes

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